Phase 2

Phase 2 on-going achievements

  • 85 groups established: 1,600+ farmers (approximately 75% female, 22% youth and 2.5%+ are persons with a disability)
  • TOMAK promoted commodities: Legumes, food crops (orange sweet potato and red rice), horticulture crops (leafy greens, onions, and strawberries), and livestock (pigs and chickens)
  • 65 groups selected crop farming (incl. legumes, staple and root crops, and horticulture), and 20 groups selected animal husbandry (pigs and chicken).
  • SLGs cumulatively hold $161,000+ USD in savings, averaging $96+ USD per individual. Outstanding loans amount to $125,000 USD, Groups meet once a week to save and take out loans.
  • 36 (F:6; M:30) MALFF Agricultural Extension Workers have received Best Agricultural Practices (BAP) training on red rice, mungbeans, and shallots.
  • Delivered Newcastle Disease vaccination training to 444 (F:191; M:253) high volume poultry producers in collaboration with the Veterinary Department.
  • Delivered chicken coop establishment and management training to 70 (F:28; M:42) high volume poultry producers.
  • Seven groups have successfully completed all farmer field schools, which promote Best Agricultural Practices (BAP), constituting 24% of the total groups dedicated to cultivating green leafy vegetables.
  • 99 AEWs attended TOT on TOMAK’s Nutrition-Sensitive-Agriculture curriculum
  • Nutrition-Sensitive-Agriculture trainings consist of 8 sessions and run monthly. 98% of SLG groups have completed the first NSA session. 81% have completed the 2nd session. More than half have completed the 3rd session and one-third have completed the 4th session.
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