About Us


TOMAK (To’os ba Moris Di’ak or Farming for Prosperity) is a 10-year agriculture livelihoods program funded by the Australian Government in Timor-Leste. We are working closely with government, NGO and private sector partners to improve agricultural livelihoods, food security and dietary diversity in targeted rural areas.

The Australian Government has a long history of partnership with the Government of Timor-Leste to develop the agriculture sector. These efforts are aligned withwith the Government of Timor-Leste’s strategic development priorities and are critical to reducing poverty and diversifying the country’s economy.

What will TOMAK achieve?

TOMAK Phase 2 has been designed to sit within and contribute to changes in Timor-Leste’s food systems. Food systems consist of everybody and everything involved in bringing food from ‘farm to fork’.

TOMAK and partners are transforming the food system by improving food supply chains (from production to market), enhancing food environments (ensuring nutritious food is locally available), and influencing individual factors such as household dietary practices.

By 2026, TOMAK will achieve three key outcomes.

Where does TOMAK work?

TOMAK operates in Baucau, Bobonaro and Viqueque municipalities. In Phase 1 (2016- 2022), TOMAK reached 83 suku. By 2026, TOMAK will reach all 145 suku in Baucau, Bobonaro and Viqueque.


In Tetum (the national language of Timor-Leste), ‘To’os ba Moris Di’ak’ means ‘Farming for Prosperity’ or for a good life. The abbreviated ‘TOMAK’ is another Tetum word meaning ‘whole’.

TOMAK is a broad program, engaging with many aspects of farming life. Our logo is a visual representation of ‘wholeness’ and optimism for a more prosperous future. We can imagine a cluster of houses positioned around a strong village centre, or a family sitting and eating a nutritious meal together. The motif is also reminiscent of patterns in Timorese ‘tais’, a traditional woven fabric often featuring complex, multi-coloured designs.

Whilst green is the favoured colour for many agriculture programs, TOMAK has embraced bold purple hues. Purple reflects the program’s strong commitment to principles of gender equality and social inclusion. It is also the colour of nutritious sweet potatoes grown across Timor-Leste and is featured in tais designs of certain regions.

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