Our Team

TOMAK currently has 43 staff members, 39 Timorese and four expat staff from Bosnia & Herzegovina, Portugal, Australia, and the US.

National Office, Dili

Renato Zrnic

Team Leader

Modesto Lopes

National Program Manager

Katherine Smith

Social Behaviour Change (SBC) and Nutrition Adviser

Joaquim Viana

Strategic Policy & Development Partner Coordination Adviser

Ricardo Monteiro

Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) Adviser

Gianluca Nardi

Gender Equality Disability and Social Inclusion Adviser


Agriculture Livelihoods Adviser

Jose Barros

Agriculture Specialist

Joaninha Guterres

Market Systems Development Specialist

Cesaltino da Cruz

National Climate and Agriculture Specialist

Evangelino Belo

National Junior Agriculture Specialist

Joao Martires

Operations Manager

Julieta Borges

Finance Manager

Francisca Correia

Food Security and Nutrition Specialist

Silvia Ximenes

Senior Communications Officer

Maria Jose Soares

Gender Specialist

Rosa Martins

National Youth Specialist

Jose Do Karmo

National Disability Specialist

Fabiola Araujo

Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) Manager

Alexandrino Gomes

Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) Analyst

Felicia Fernandes

Administration Officer

Egas Vong

Administration and Finance Assistant

Baucau Regional Office

Isaac Ximenes

Regional Manager

Amalda Amaral

Program Officer

Ambrosio da Silva

Program Officer

Alice Passos

Program Officer

Bendita da Costa

Administration and Finance Assistant

Bobonaro Regional Office

Florencio da Costa

Regional Manager

Orlandina Leite

Program Officer

Felicita Laot

Program Officer

Luis Gonzaga

Program Officer

Hermen Ornai

Project Officer

Liliana da Cruz

Administration and Finance Assistant

Viqueque Regional Office

Bonifacio Tavares

Regional Manager

Bendito Amaral

Program Officer

Eugenio Pinto

Program Officer
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