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Gender equality, disability & social inclusion

Technical reports

July 2022

Sharing the Load: Labour saving technologies, gender dynamics and food security in Timor-Leste

Mar 2017

Gender Equality and Social Inclusion Analysis

Full report (English) Learning Paper (English)
Jul 2018

Market Systems Development and Women’s Economic Empowerment Study Exchange

Learning Paper (English)
Apr 2020

Family Decisions – How farming families can work together as a team

Facilitator’s manual (Tetun) Facilitator’s manual (English) Training overview (English)
Dec 2020

Case Studies of Women’s Experiences Negotiating Land Use for Agricultural Production

Full report (Tetun) Full report (English) Fact sheet #1: Research summary
May 2021

Liaison Extension Worker & Women Farmer Groups Pilot Evaluation Report

Tetun English
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