By TOMAK ON Tuesday, November 1st, 2022

TOMAK launches first round of NGO grants

TOMAK is designed to work closely with the NGO community to help improve food security and nutrition across key target areas.

The process of selecting a lead NGO (or consortium of NGOs) for Bobonaro, Baucau and Viqueque municipalities kicked into gear on March 6 with a general briefing on the proposed scope of services and selection process. The briefing was held at the East Timor Development Association (ETDA) in Dili.

TOMAK plans to identify one NGO (or a consortium of NGOs) to lead activities in each of the three municipalities. These lead NGOs will be strategic coordinating partners for TOMAK through to the end of its first phase in mid-2021.

The briefing was well attended by 37 people representing 23 different international and national NGOs.

NGO representatives

Selection of lead NGOs will follow a 2-step process:

  • ‘Preferred Partners’ will be identified on the basis of a capability statement and concept note, to be submitted to TOMAK by 24 March. Following assessment of these submissions, TOMAK will inform NGOs of the results by 14 April.
  • Preferred Partners will then be assisted to prepare more detailed designs, to be completed by 15 May, with grant agreements scheduled to be signed by 2 June.

Since the initial briefing, around 11 organisations have registered their interest in working with TOMAK.

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